His Holiness the Dalai Lama, on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, has issued a special message. In his love for our planet and human equality, his message focuses on the prevention and control of the coronavirus pandemic through “a genuine sense of universal responsibility.”
He writes in part, “We must ensure that the sick and the valiant health-care providers throughout the world have access to the fundamental necessities of clean water and proper sanitation to prevent the uncontrolled spread of disease.” He calls for “sustainable access to properly equipped and staffed health-care facilities” to fight the current pandemic and “one of the strongest defenses against future public health crises.”
  • Please find the Dalai Lama’s message in its entirety here.

Selection of statements from religious leaders around the world on Earth Day:

  • The Pope’s call to action needed to ” protect our garden home “
  • Presiding Bishop Curry’s message for Earth Day
  • Reverend Harper from Green Faith’s message
  • An interfaith message to the UN issued for Earth Day is calling for ambitious and urgent action to address the climate emergency. Find full message here.
  • As a part of Arigatou International’s Interfaith prayer, Rabbi Diana, Associate Executive Vice President, The NY Board of Rabbis offered an Earth Day prayer.  Find the full interfaith prayer with children and religious leaders here.
We are pleased to share it with you and hope that you will share it with all who would be encouraged by these messages for global health.
As we reflect upon the state of our planet and shared responsibility to care for it. Last year, JLI jointly collaborated on faith and climate through a webinar series. The webinar series focused on practice, policy, and academia. Check it out today!

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